Are We There Yet?

So our move is over. We are transferred to our new house, and things are hectic. Old friends calling and wanting to meet up, family members coming over to see the new house. Plus the fact that the cat got heat exhaustion on the way down.

There is more to that story, and when I am done telling it, you will not want to rent from Budget Truck Rentals for a long distance move EVER!

It was 12:28 pm on Tuesday, July 3, 2007 and our 24-foot Budget Rental Truck broke down and coasted into a gas station on the south side of St. Louis. We sat for a full hour before Tom's Truck Repair showed up to try to prime the diesel engine. The workman couldn't prime the engine and ended up crawling all over the engine block, only to find out that the gas pump was out on the vehicle. Needless to say, we had to call "Roadside Assistance" from Budget again. This time we waited about 98 minutes for a tow truck to tow the broken down truck and for all 5 of us to be piled into the Pontiac Grand Prix and follow the trucks to a hotel.

And THAT'S where the fun begins!!!

We checked into the hotel at 4:45 am, got up at 7:30 am and started calling Budget in order to get a new truck and to have them send a moving crew to help us unload the old truck and reload the new truck. It took another 4 hours to get a resolution from this company. We finally went to lunch inside the hotel, but we left our cat in the car with the windows halfway down so he could get air. Needless to say that one hour later, Stewart was soaked in sweat and looked like "Bill The Cat" from the cartoon "Bloom County!"

In a panic, we did everything we could to get the cat cooled off and re-hydrated. He finally ate food and drank water near Springfield, Missouri. But boy did he smell like a dead rat from the moment we left St. Louis until just two days ago when we wiped him down with a cat wash cloth. Now he smells better.

So now we are settling into the house. It's a pink brick home with white trim and a baby blue door. Needless to say, our home resembles a Barbie Dream House! I'm not complaining, I love pink and I think it's wonderful considering I'm drowning in the deep end of the Testosterone Pool!!!

I do miss my friends in Chicago, but it is wonderful to be able to hook back up with the friends that I grew up with and family that I have not seen in such a long time.

I think that whomever said "You Cannot Go Home Again," has never really been separated from family, friends, and loved ones for 7 years and put into a city that you are not used to. Plus they never might have really had the love that we have been shown since we have been here.

The boys have situated themselves very quickly into their rooms, and now they are out in the neighborhood meeting other children their ages. I pushed them out the door to do that so that when School starts, they will have some friends on the first day and not be outcasts as most "New Kids" are on the first day. Poor Dan is being put into "Grown Men Playdates" with my friends' husbands and he is tired of talking about baseball. They rag on him about his beloved Packers, but he is taking it in stride when they (the men folk) find out that I am also a certified bartender. It's funny how beer and a great salsa will bring men together that are from different parts of the country.

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