One Halloween Tradition

I used to think that Christmas was the best time of the year for a child. Boy was I wrong! It's Halloween.

Think about it. For one night out of the entire year, you dress up as someone else, you walk for endless miles (of which you don't notice but your parents sure do!) to go door to door to beg complete strangers for candy.

We normally teach our children not to take candy from strangers. But this time of the year, we encourage them to do just that. Then we spend endless hours pouring through their bags or buckets to make sure that the candy doesn't look tampered with. Some of us even take the candy to the ER for X-Rays to make sure that some psychopath hasn't gone nutso with our children's lives.

Then some of us greedy parents (I know I'm guilty of this) go through the candy and eat the pieces that we like that we know our children will not like. Ok, ok, maybe they will like it, but they are passed out from sugar highs from snagging candy out of the bags as you walk along with them anyway!

My kids have already learned that you get the best candy at the houses that go all out in Halloween decorations outside. Some with the porch lights on will most likely give you a toothbrush or crayons. But they persevere in their nightly travel in search of how much candy they can get to last them until January or February.

That is, if Mom and Dad don't eat the candy first.

Then Mom and Dad have to find a hiding place for the rest of the candy so the children don't eat the rest of the candy and get stomach aches from all that sugar. I've known my own children to go into sugar comas and have nightmares if they go unchecked with the candy and they are allowed to hold onto the candy themselves. It's not a pretty sight.

But all in all, it's a great night to get exercise, to get out in the fresh air, to see your neighbors that you only see once a year and you get candy that your kids have worked hard to get. Of course you never tell your children this until they become parents themselves.

It's a tradition that you pass down, like your favorite cookie recipe.

Published on October 31, 2006 in