The Best Birthday Ever!

I recently received a hot pink iPod nano for my birthday from my fiancé. The bad part? There are no instructions in the box it came in to show you how to put your favorite pictures on the iPod!

Now I'm not the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to electronically natured things.

I had figured out the music part, that was easy, just plug it into your iTunes and away you go! Right? WRONG! My iPod put samplings of each artist and it was some of the groups that I don't listen to a lot. So I've taught myself how to take those off and to put on the songs by the artists that I listen to a lot.

I'm guessing he put this nano on his credit card, I have no clue. While it's the first real pretty thing I have had in a long time (out side of my engagement ring) who is to complain? Not me, that's for sure!

In the past I have always received Halloween themed presents seeing how my birthday is just 7 days before. Let me tell ya folks, I hated it. Sweaters with pumpkin faces on it, or witches and black cats emblazoned across the front.

I think the worst birthday I ever had was when my ex-husband and my oldest daughter forgot it altogether and my own mother told me happy birthday a day late. Then my mother gave me this orange sweatshirt with black cats marching all around a scarecrow.

The cats were cute at least.

Now as I lay here and think back upon past birthdays, I can say that this year was the best birthday I have had yet. He arranged for a babysitter, I got dressed up in a crushed velvet emerald green dress and he wore dress pants and a button-up shirt with a sweater over the top and went to my favorite restaurant (Red Lobster) and I had the endless shrimp fest.

He told me to hold my hands out and close my eyes, so I did. I trust this man. I knew he wasn't going to pour butter sauce on me or something equally dumb. Then I felt a box in my hands. First thought, "It's jewelry and don't be disappointed." Imagine my surprise when I opened my eyes and it was the one thing I had been hinting for months for! Well to be honest I was asking for a refurbished iPod pink mini, but this will work as well!

Published on October 27, 2006 in