A Mother Fights For Her Child In School Scandal

Recently, my four-year-old was thrown out of pre-kindergarten because he had an accident. I'm sorry, but he's a little kid and that's what they do!

When I spoke to the principal on the phone to try to tell her how upset this child who now thinks that the teacher doesn't like him was, she tartly said to me that his shirts were not white enough. Now, I'm going to admit that we are low-income and no matter what we tried, we couldn't keep the shirts white. (Some were hand-me-downs from his brother) But still, we went without half our grocery budget for a week just to get him the navy blue pants that they are required to wear.

Thank god I know about food pantries in the area or we would have starved that week!

We don't have the money to run out and buy 5 brand new white shirts for him as we are struggling badly. And if you think that writing brings in any money, think again! Most of my days are spent in bed and I'm unable to work. Thanks to that broken bone in my back, I have been fighting Social Security and have been for the past 2 years now.

Plus to top off the medicinal bills for my back, my mental illness (bi-polar) and his brother's illnesses (bi-polar, AD/HD, and PTSD) we are barely getting by. Rather than to find out our financial situation, this principal smugly snubbed me and talked down to me making me feel like I was less than sub-human.

I immediately picked up the phone again and called the school board and spoke to the lady in charge of the Pre-K program. From what I understand, they sent out a social worker and discovered some things that I was told were lies. So now the school is holding his position open for him in that class. But I don't know if I want to subject my youngest child to a school that would rather than find out the truth, toss a child that is willing and able to learn and learn quick.

He's a very smart child, so when he overheard the teacher tell me on the phone that he was no longer welcomed in the program, his little brain put two and two together and came out with he was not wanted there. The look on his face was more than any mother could undergo. I have fought cancer, I have been fighting my mental illness, and now I fought a school principal.

The moral to my story? If you are uncomfortable about the school your child is in, make it a point to go and spend a day there to see how many bathroom breaks they get, to check out the teacher and see how she reacts to a surprise visit by a parent. But most of all, love your child and never let them see you cry because you feel like you failed them as a parent.

Published on October 18, 2006 in