A Good Time Of Year for Sports Fans

Labor Day traditionally is considered to be the end of summer. It means the end of backyard barbeques, family picnics, and camping trips. Outdoor pools begin to close for the winter, and kids go back to school. It's the time of year that the weather begins to grow cooler, and the days grow noticeably shorter.

But for the avid sports fan, September and October is a great time of year. There is no other time of year that all of the major sports overlap.

In the baseball world, pennant chases are heating up. The regular season ends only a month after Labor Day, and the playoffs then begin. What an exciting time of year for the baseball fan.

In the football world, the preseason ends Labor Day weekend, and the regular season begins a week later. College teams start their season a few days before Labor Day, with the first games being played this year on Thursday, August 31. The beginning of the season is always an exciting time for the football fan.

Like the MLB season, NASCAR is at its peak right after Labor Day. The following weekend is the final race of the "regular" season, with drivers trying to get into the championship hunt. The "Chase for the Nextel Cup" begins one week later and roars right through October.

Basketball fans have only until October to wait before their teams take to the court. The first preseason games begin the first week of October (October 5th, this year). College games don't begin until November, but the teams are all in their training camps, working up game plans, and getting ready for the first tip-offs.

Hockey fans also have only until October to wait. The first week of October (the 4th, this year) is when the first pucks drop for NHL players, while college games begin a week later.

Even Tennis fans have something to cheer about around Labor Day weekend. The U.S. Open is held in New York beginning the week leading up to Labor Day, and continue until the weekend after (this year, that's August 28 through September 10).

For anyone who is a fan of sports in general (like my fiancé, for example) Labor Day may signal the end of summer, but it also signals two months of continual sporting glory.

Most likely the only people not enthusiastic about this time of year are the "sports widows" who seem to lose their husbands to the televised games every weekend. Luckily for them, there is an end to each of those sports seasons.

Published on August 19, 2006 in