A Dawg, A Bear, And A Bunny Named Boo

Our vacation was started with the usual packing and fussing over what was to be taken along with us on the trip.

Now my youngest son, who is now four, has had a stuffed dog since he was 2 that was given to him by a lovely lady in England named Helen Seddon. "Dawg" has gone with us on many trips and has gone to bed with my youngest every night since his introduction into our lives.

We were packing the car, when suddenly "Dawg" went missing. Tears and screams filled the air. We tried to placate the four year old with mommy's big bunny, "Boo," But not even "Boo" would settle the fit we were having because no one could find "Dawg."

We even tried his favorite teddy bear. But there is no substitute for "Dawg."

We finally found "Dawg" in a plastic bag holding the eating utensils.

All was calm in our son's world once more and we could begin the first leg of our trip, which began at Mom's doctor's office to get the results of the EMG.

Well kids, it turns out that I do indeed have arthritis in my back and I need to shed about 21 pounds before they can do a spinal fusion to close that open spinal bone. But we didn't let the news hamper our excitement of getting out of the city and into the country.

After four hours of playing "What's that smell," and "Stop hitting your brother with 'Dawg'," we finally arrived at our destination to two hopping kids and two tired parents.

Quick as a flash, we unloaded the camping gear into our cabin and immediately, "Dawg" became missing again!

We all searched and searched only to find "Dawg" in the car stuck in between in the armrest and the car seat of our four-year-old. Everyone flopped on the beds, just exhausted from the "Dawg" hunt and then we realized that we had to forage for food and for supplies.

Gilda the bear, made the trip with style. She wore her hat and had gotten a lot of truck drivers honking at her. Of course I don't know if they were honking at Gilda or honking at the magnetic sticker for ovarian cancer or the ten-year-old boy making the honking motion with his arm, but we'll let Gilda think it was she that was getting the honking!

Published on August 16, 2006 in