Indiana Beach, Get Ready For The Invasion!

I will be gone from August 12 through August 16, 2006. My family and I are going to be taking our annual camping trip to Indiana Beach.

We take this trip once a year to celebrate the birthday of our oldest son. The cabins look like something out of "Little House On The Prairie" and are just as adorable as can be.

The park itself celebrated it's 80th anniversary last year. But is has a water park along with an amusement park. Last year we took the boys on the "Flying Bobs" and we thought that the then 3 year-old was going to throw up, he was as white as a sheet! LOL!

I took the 10 year-old on his first roller coaster; needless to say, I have never before heard so many expletives come out of a child that age, and it wasn't even the biggest coaster they had. This year I plan on taking him on the biggest coaster and see how he does,

I am sure I will be full of stories when I get back home. But I think the biggest fun I had last year was sitting by a campfire with my fiancé and looking at the stars and just talking. We talked about the past year and what we hoped the next year would bring us.

To me, just being able to spend that time with him after the boys went to bed was the most precious time and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I am so hoping that we are able to do that again this year.

It is a nice way to re-charge the batteries and hopefully get some much needed R&R. Although this year, the boys are a bit bigger and more rambunctious. But to get them away from the big city and out into the wilderness will do them both good, along with my fiancÚ and I both good for not worrying about the wedding plans for 4 days, nor worrying about my health.

Just a chance to kick up our heels and enjoy being with each other and enjoying nature for a change. Right now I think that is what this family needs the most. Just to get away from the things of the big city and commune with nature for a while. Get back to our pioneer roots and enjoy life and each other for a while.

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