VEET is for ME!

I recently received a care package of VEET. Eagerly I opened the box and made a mad dash to the bathroom with the VEET Rasaria. I smoothed the cream on, waited 3 minutes, the whole time thinking "Ok, any minute this is going to sting and stink," but no stink came and no stinging!

After only 3 minutes, I used the bladeless remover and my legs became silky smooth! This was last Wednesday and here it is Tuesday, August 8, 2006, and my legs are still silky smooth!

Props go to VEET! I love this stuff!

First I tried the wax strips, I must have done something wrong, because I ended up with blue on my legs and no hair removed. I think it's the way I was pulling the strip. So Dan, my fiancé, decided he was going to help me pull the strips. Still the same results. I don't think I had enough hair on my legs to try it. So we tried it on my arms with excellent results.

Haven't tried the waxing gel yet. But that will be the next product we try.

I want to thank Holly Jespersen for the care package. It has truly saved my legs and my life! I now walk around proudly instead of looking like Bigfoot and smelling like a bad perm!

I cannot sing the praises of VEET enough. This product is truly a miracle and a leg saver. No nicks, no cuts, no embarrassing hair growth after two days. No shaving creams, no losing of razors, no having to purchase razor blades, only to have your other half use them on his face and dulling the blades.

This product is truly a miracle and a life and leg and any other part that you have unwanted hair growth removal saver. Why, I even shaped my eyebrows (carefully) with this product with no stinging to my eyes and wanting to plunge my face into a bucket of ice.

You just cannot do this with NAIR for NAIR has no product to shape your eyebrows nor remove unwanted facial hair.

I have told all my friends and it turns out that my 16 year-old daughter uses VEET! She was like "Mom, I'm surprised you haven't used it before now!" I had to agree with her, but when a woman gets used to a product, it's hard for her to try a new product.

But now I am a VEET customer for life!

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