You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth

I sit here and look at this blank document wondering what to write about and nothing comes to mind that is entertaining or even newsworthy. So I decided to write about writer's block.

Writer's block can be devastating to a writer. Even when I am journaling in my own private journal I find it hard sometimes to come up with the correct words, or even any words to write down. Sometimes, I look at the word counter just to make sure I have enough words to send in. And then there are those days when I don't know when to stop.

Sometimes it's hard to let it all out, and sometimes it is hard to stop. Topics are surrounding a writer, but deciding on which one is a mind grasp that can be the trouble to write about.

I did attend a health fair this weekend and got a free facial. I also attended many seminars given by many wonderful speakers and was given many wonderful gifts. I even rode two different busses home with 8 helium balloons and was given looks by people that would make the most hard-hearted of people cringe in fear. But not me. I just glared back at them and went about my business.

How were they to know that I just got home from a health fair? What business of theirs was it anyway? (I know my grammar on that last sentence was bad, but it illustrates a point.)

When I got home, we went to the Target to pick up some last minute things for our vacation to ³Indiana Beach² this next week. We are all looking forward to this annual trip of ours. It will be a blissful 5 days and I will have lots to write about when we get home. And I guess that until then I will have stuff to write about as well.

I will have tomorrow's column about today's EMG. I have dreaded this for a month now. And I have had friends that have told me that the needles are so tiny that I will not notice it. But I bet anything that I will notice it and I bet anything that I will bleed like a stuck pig when they take the needles out.

So I guess I did find a little something to write about.

Published on August 7, 2006 in