Gilda's Club

Six years after the death of Gilda Radner, her husband, Gene Wilder and her friends and others started "Gilda's Club," an advocacy group dedicated to raising awareness of female cancer and raising funds for research of medications.

Today, there are branches of "Gilda's Club" in every major city in the United States. After a heartfelt email from a survivor that is now in re-occurrence of Ovarian Cancer, I joined the Chicago branch.

If my back could handle it, I would be participating in a 5k walk/run to raise money for the club. But alas, I cannot for you see, not only is my cancer in remission, I have a broken vertebra as well.

I will pledge 5 cents to a person that is participating for each k they complete. I know it's not a lot, but I am on a fixed income and like they say, every drop in the bucket soon ends up with a bucket full.

I have also gone online and done research and found other colors that pertain to women's cancer. It's not hard once you know what to look for. That's my downfall. I want to be informed, but I get lost on the internet and get frustrated. So I thank those women that pointed me in the right direction.

In September, there will be an Ovarian Cancer seminar in New York City, and if you are interested, please contact, Carole Roper, Director of Communications, Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, 910 17th St., NW, Suite1190, Washington, D.C. 20006

202-331-1332 (phone), 202-331-2292 (fax),

I hope that you do contact Ms. Roper and are able to attend the Seminar and are able to meet others who share the same battle and share your story with them. Bonding together with survivors and fighters can uplift the spirits and make you a stronger person. I know. I've been there and am still there.

The web site I found for jewelry for women's cancer is: They have jewelry for not only ovarian cancer, but for lymphoma, melanoma, and many other cancers plus mental illness.

I was mighty impressed with the line of jewelry and before my fiancé stopped me, I had spent $60.00 on items. Items not only for myself, mind you, but for my mom, her friend, my friend Sue, and other friends for Christmas presents.

They may or may not like the present, but I hope that they understand the thought behind the gift. And that the gift that was purchased, part of the proceeds went to research for medications for cancer treatment.

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