We Wear Short-Shorts!

Come on children of the 1970's, you know the rest of the jingle so sing it with me! "If you dare wear short-shorts, Nair for short-shorts!"

Ah yes, that wonderful hair removal product that was introduced to American women in 1975, that smelled like a bad perm and felt like you had put burned matches to your skin is still on the market today. Nair. And guess what! It still smells like a bad perm and still feels like burned matches!

Today's "New and Improved" Nair sports the scent of "Razz-matazz." This is supposed to smell like Raspberries. Raspberries my foot! My legs smell like a bad perm. I just finished applying the product and instead of the new 4 minutes that the "New and Improved" product promises, it still takes 10 minutes of agony.

My legs look all splotchy and I applied the heaviest and most moisturizing lotion that Bath and Body Works has. Instead of the heady scent of "Warm Vanilla Sugar," I still stink of bad perm on my legs.

Even the cat won't come near me!

Oh it does leave behind silky, smooth legs, but is it worth the pain and smell? Some women will tell you yes because it is "supposed" to last longer than shaving. But in my own experience in using this product, it lasts the same as shaving, two days. Be assured, I bought the most "new and Improved" Nair available on the product. But it still does not seem to be all that the ads on television promises us American women to be.

Did the people of the advertising agency even try this product before producing the commercials? Or does the promise of 5 days of silky smooth skin only work for some women and not others? Or did the advertising company take the word of the Nair people?

I feel hyped.

American women who try this product should feel hyped. Now this brings me to the question of should we believe everything we see on commercials as to this product being better than any other hair removal product on the market? A follow up will be written after this bottle of Nair is gone and I use the next hair removal product, Veet.

Veet comes with a razor looking thing and promises to be better than Nair. Hair waxing is hot and hurts like anything. Ripping hair out of tender skin is not my thoughts of a fun morning.

So, if you have used Veet or any other hair removal system, I'd love to hear from you and hear your take on the situation.

Until next time!

Published on July 31, 2006 in