The Back Porch

Our landlords were requested by the city-building inspectors to rebuild the back porch. So instead of a covered back porch, where we used to be able to sit and watch the snowfall, we now have a open balcony. We enjoyed it this weekend immensely only to realize that this winter, we would not be able to sit out there as we had previous winters to watch the gentle snowflakes dance their way to the ground.

While sitting there with our downstairs neighbor, we wondered how we would be able to sit and watch the snow as we had in previous winters. We realized that we would have to bundle up in parkas like "Kenny" off of the TV Show "South Park." While we laughed at this realization and made fun of ourselves, it then occurred to us that I was sitting there in "South Park" shorts and a t-shirt!

Oh how those made us laugh even more!

We giggled like kids and listened to music from my computer until my iTunes brought up "South Park" music. Then, before we knew what was happening, we were laughing more. We laughed and sang along with the music. A cool breeze caught our hair and the children laughed with us even though they had no idea why we would be laughing at a child singing Styx's "Come Sail Away." Moreover, why we would even sing along with the song and laugh more when we messed up the song lyrics and why we ended up falling out of our chairs.

Yes-dear friends, it was the most relaxing Saturday Night I have had in a long time. Drinking beer, laughing real hard, eating Cheetos, singing off-key, and falling out of a chair.

It made sleeping very difficult and going to church the next morning seem like every bone in my body was connected to my spinal column, but somehow I made it through. Even on the walk home from church, I prayed for a car to hit me on the way. But no such luck.

I got home, got out of my church clothes and laid on the bed. I took a Vicodin, took a nap, and went outside to eat my lunch. While I was there, here came my downstairs neighbor to ask me if I was ready for round 2.

I told her maybe next weekend. For I thought that I was done for this weekend. To be honest kids, we are under a heat advisory and all I want to do is stay indoors under the air conditioner and not move. I want to be one of those "Slowski" turtles. I certainly hope that next weekend is not as hot as this past weekend was.

Knowing my luck, our vacation weekend will be just as hot as this past weekend and when we go camping, every mosquito in Indiana will think I am bait.

Published on July 31, 2006 in