Cigars vs. Cigarettes

Recently I had given up smoking. Then for some reason, I felt the need to have some nicotine in my system and a cigarette was not on the menu. So I walked to the corner store and purchased a $2.50 pack of Supreme Blend Mango flavored little Cigars.

I know, I know, Mango flavored cigars? Well, it wasn't as bad as all that. They have a nice fruity flavor and they really don't taste as harsh as a cigarette does. Plus I am smoking less of them than a pack of cigarettes. I would go through a pack and a half of cigarettes a day, and they cost $7.95 per pop.

In my opinion, cigars taste better and they leave a longer after taste in the mouth that lets you know that you have smoked a cigar where as some cigarettes leave you with that edge and you forget that you have just smoked one and you immediately light another and another. Chain-smoking with cigarettes is easy whereas smoking with cigars is easy to smoke three or four a day and you are done

Sometimes, if you are not used to smoking cigars, your throat will get torn up and if you inhale, your lungs feel like they are going to burst out of your chest. But once you get used to it, it isn't that bad. I personally like the aftertaste of the mango.

Ok, the surgeon general has asked me to put in this column that women that smoke during pregnancy run the risk for birth disorders, low birth rates, damage to the baby's lungs, and brain and that children under the age of 18 that smoke can damage their lungs as well as their brains.

Plus any adult that buys cigarettes or cigars for underage children are breaking federal laws and run the risk of being thrown in jail for buying tobacco products for underage persons.

But for the over-age persons allowed to legally smoke, I personally recommend that you try a flavored cigar. You don't have to try the Mango. Wild Horse has a nice Cherry flavor too (or so I've been told). And the next time I'm out, I am going to search for a vanilla and see what the difference is in that flavor.

Published on July 22, 2006 in