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Throughout 2006 and into 2007 and 2008, Kaycee wrote articles for the on-line news magazine "American Chronicle". Many of these articles were reposted onto local sister sites as well. Here you can read Kaycee's articles, and even click the "AC" links to view the articles on the original American Chronicle website.

Column Title Date Published at AC
Ready, Set, WALK! May 24, 2008 AC
Good-bye Old Friend April 08, 2008 AC
come Bark For Peace! and Chomp some Cookies with me... October 17, 2007 AC
Dying To Be Thin OR How I Lost My Weight August 18, 2007 AC
Anti-Jack McClellan? OH YES I AM! August 2, 2007 AC
Are We There Yet? July 9, 2007 AC
Where Have I Been, And Where Am I Going? June 6, 2007 AC
One Halloween Tradtition October 31, 2006 AC
The Best Birthday Ever! October 27, 2006 AC
A Mother Fights For Her Child In School Scandal October 18, 2006 AC
Myspace.com, A Very Addictive Website October 16, 2006 AC
Cat Scratch Fever aka Cat Scratch Disease October 14, 2006 AC
Hi Friend October 14, 2006 AC
Where Have All The Lawyers Gone? September 22, 2006 AC
America's Favorite Bounty Hunter Jailed September 18, 2006 AC
Angels On Earth: The Imerman Angels September 11, 2006 AC
Emphysema, The Killer That Attacks Everyone August 26, 2006 AC
The Grey of Mental Illness August 25, 2006 AC
A Good Time Of Year for Sports Fans August 19, 2006 AC
A Dawg, A Bear, and A Bunny Named Boo August 16, 2006 AC
Indiana Beach, Get Ready For The Invasion! August 11, 2006 AC
The Teal and White of Cervical Cancer August 11, 2006 AC
I Cannot Lose My Best Friend Again! August 10, 2006 AC
Lilac for Fallopian Cancer August 9, 2006 AC
The Bus Ride and What I Learned August 9, 2006 AC
VEET is for Me! August 8, 2006 AC
My EMG August 8, 2006 AC
You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth August 7, 2006 AC
My Own Teal Story August 4, 2006 AC
Gilda's Club August 3, 2006 AC
Teal IS The Color For Ovarian Cancer August 2, 2006 AC
Hunter Green Ribbons for Ovarian Cancer July 31, 2006 AC
We Wear Short Shorts! July 31, 2006 AC
The Back Porch July 31, 2006 AC
The EMG - Elecromyography July 27, 2006 AC
My Big Fat Baptist Wedding July 26, 2006 AC
Excuse Me, That Was My Foot! July 24, 2006 AC
Cigars vs. Cigarettes July 22, 2006 AC
Laws You Never Thought Existed But They Do! July 22, 2006 AC
Year-Round School: Beneficial or Torture? July 20, 2006 AC
Are Today's Pre-Schoolers Smarter Than A Decade Ago? July 20, 2006 AC