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Kaycee Nilson was born and raised in a small town outside of Dallas Texas. Her upbringing was a unique combination of traditions thanks to her Mother's Cherokee heritage, her Father's English ancestry, and wealth of relatives of Cajun descent. She was the youngest of ten children, with 2 older brothers, and seven older foster brothers. Because of this unusual combination of traditions and a family of mostly males, Kaycee often felt like an outsider in all senses: not fully Native American, not fully Cajun, not fitting in with "the boys". As a result, Kaycee withdrew into herself and began to read.

In High School, her English Teacher entered one of her poems into a school poetry contest and to her surprise, Kaycee won first place. This began Kaycee's love of writing, and on every scrap of paper she could find, she began to write. All of her Mother's Day Cards and Birthday Cards to her family were handwritten, and to this day, Kaycee's mother swears they are the best cards she ever received.

Even though writing was Kaycee's passion, her next favorite thing was listening to and reading ghost stories. The more she heard and read, the more the passion in her grew to write her own. Her first attempts were as many writers', silly and nonsensical. Over time, she got better and better. Then one day, she stopped writing when her first husband told her she would never get anywhere with it.

For years she neglected her writing until her second husband encouraged her to return to the pursue of writing. By this time she had three kids and had discovered that the more of herself she put into her work, the better her writing became. Soon the writing she once so loved became natural to her and her second husband took up the task of editing her writings. Working together as a team has given Kaycee the confidence she needed to return to the world of literature. The world had better get ready for more from this lady that walked through pain to get to the happiness she discovered today.

After spending several years in Chicago, Kaycee and her husband have returned to her native Texas. When she isn't writing, Kaycee is a wife, mother, grandmother, and Cub Scout leader.